All partners regard the subject of cooking and healthy lifestyle as an important factor for the European youth, confronted with motionless sitting students in front of their computer and smartphone, plunging in their virtual world eating crisps and fast food, forgetting the real world around them. We will motivate them for real happy m-eat-ings and good food enjoying real friends in a motivating happy atmosphere to enrich their horizon and to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. So they discover their balance between - sending messages and researching information, using the internet as a tool and not as the centre of their life – and joyful real life experiences. Using social networks for exchanging ideas, contacts and photos is also an important positive aspect for reasonable use of modern media with the advantage of quickly exchanged information. The aim is to reach a balance and a sort of saving 'out-time' as 'free-time from media' windows for caring about REAL HAPPY M-EAT-ings.
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Isabella Zeli - eTwinning Coordinator


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